Window Stickers

IMG_4173-LOWDECORAZIONE MAX VETRATA IN ADESIVO ONE-WAY_001DECORAZIONE MAX VETRATA IN ADESIVO ONE-WAYDecorazione uffici Banca Santo Stefano in adesivo sabbiatoVetrofanie-uffici-Banca_005Vetrate-Save_002-LOWVetrate-Save_001-LOWIMG_8092-LOWVetrofania-Negozio-Veneta-CucineVENETA-CUCINE-img-030-LOWVetrofanie-Passaggio-Obbligato_009Decorazione cantiere HUBVetrofanie+insegna-Ufficio-Commerciale-Ascotrade-Porto-Viro-Rovigo_014PROMOZIONE-DOLOMITI_001PROMOZIONE-DOLOMITI_002VETROFANIA-ALBERO-VENETA-CUCINEVETROFANIA-BOTTECHE-DEI-SAPORIVETROFANIA-COLLEZIONIVETROFANIE-ORTO-NOVENTAAEROPORTO-DI-VENEZIA_Decorazione-vetrate

The window is maybe the first sign for a shop, in this point the communication changes for each season and promotion; the window is the first impact between the shop and the client. Adhesive films are the means for this type of decoration. They are not just adhesive films. The extension of the selection, finishings, colors and printings’ possibilities allow us to do things that were unimaginable some time ago. We have super-transparent films (Kristal) and films with sandblasting effects on which we can also print other colors, also transparent ones, obtaining suggestive effects of backlight.